Pescara shipyard


It is the widest shipyard in the Adriatic, specialized in the nautical pleasure craft.

Located in the beautiful harbour of Marina di Pescara, it is an important meeting point for our costumers.
It is equipped for the final set up of the new yachts to be delivered, sail or engine; it is also arranged for equipment such as know-how for modifications and the preparation of sail vessels for yacht races.
One hundred and fifty meters of wharf and of Travel lift, up to 100 Tons, it is the assistance centre for clients located in the Italian Eastern Seas.

Covered area: 2500 mq
Uncovered area: 15000 mq
Uplift limit: 100ton
Pier: 150 m

Commercial offices:
Tel: 0039 085 4511070
Fax: 0039 085 4510165

Tel: 085 4510361
Fax: 085 65177